JEROME, Id. ( KMVT/KSVT) A 37 year old Jerome woman has been charged with embezzling $155,000 from an irrigation company. Judith Mary Kay Scantlin is facing 37 counts of taking money from A and G Irrigation.

A 3 day jury trial is scheduled to take place beginning October 7. Scantlin worked for the company as a secretary for eight years. According to court documents another secretary noticed check stubs in the back of a filing cabinet that were made out to Scantlin.

The documents reveal that the manager claims she had stolen $21,000 in 2011, $77,000 in 2012 and $57,000 in 2013. Scantlin said that she considered the money as loans and intended to pay it back. She claims to have paid the money taken in 2011 back. The criminal case comes after the civil case that was closed on August 27. It was found in favor of A and G Irrigation.