First Target, then Albertson's and Home Depot, and now Jimmy John's have all suffered a credit card security breach, but was Twin Falls affected?

Jimmy John's is reporting that about 216 stores were effected by the credit card security breach and out of those stores, yes, the Jimmy Johns in Twin Falls was affected.

Specifically, this Twin Falls Jimmy John's was breached: 130 Blue Lakes Boulevard North in Twin Falls.  The breach happened during the following dates: 7/1/2014 - 8/2/2014.

So what should you do now?

You should be checking your financial statements at least monthly anyways. If you are not, start. Once you see something fishy, call your bank. Don't let this linger, time is money. You'll have to check with your own bank's policy on refunds, but the sooner you get on this, the better.

This link has way more detailed information but, for me, I've been using my debit card as a credit card. Run your debit card under credit and you will have FAR MORE protections then through your bank. Sad to say it, but the VISA logo has larger clout then your bank.

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