Love don't come easy in the Magic Valley. You try and try, but nothing. That's where we come in. Can you help solve the mysteries of the lovelorn on Twin Falls Craigslist Missed Connections?

Just FYI, the descriptions in bold are mine. But, the postings have not been changed in any way. I would hate to take a chance on messing up love. Plus, some of these are hysterical and are better than anything I could possibly come up with.

This is why you don't rent movies while wearing black at Walmart

Tonight, Tuesday June 21st at 9:30. I was next to you in the self check out. You had on a very nice black pant suit, heels, and bright red lipstick. As you were grabbing your stuff to leave, you looked at me, smiled, and said hello. You're tall and thin with brunette hair. You're very attractive. I was wearing jeans and a motorcycle jacket. You stopped off at the redbox to look at movies. I went out to my bike. As you came out, you looked over at me a couple times and smiled some more.

As it turns out, Rocket Express IS a blast

To the hot blonde that works at the rocket. I think your incredibly sexy. We have ran into each other several times when I go through the wash. The first time I went through there and saw you I was in my personal truck not in my work rig. The last few times I have been in my work clothes and work car. ;) We locked eyes several times and you gave me a smile. ;) I think your sexy as hell. Would love to get to know you. If you see this message me and tell me what I drive. ;) I hope you see this ;)

Would it turn you on if I told you the store I work at is going bankrupt?

You were looking at clothes at aeropostale today between 6 and 730. You were wearing an orange or pink shirt. You were gorgeous. Our eyes met a couple of times and I really wanted to talk to you, but I was with some people. Right before I left our eyes meet again, I looked for you afterwards but I couldn't find you. If it's really you, tell me what I looked like and what I was wearing. I hope to hear back...

Don't throw loose change at someone unless you really do love them

You accidentally threw some change at me and looked quite embarrassed. I said no worries, I love when people throw money at me. You turned red and I gave a smile. I knew I had to come back to see you.

Have been in that bank now five times since then. Either you are not there or your back is turned and working at another counter. I don't know your current status or even your name but I would love to get to know you.

The other tellers are probably wondering why I don't use the ATM.........

I have a thing for a babe with a good pair of "leggins"

You are a beautiful woman that we saw at real deals on Friday. Your were in a coral shirt and black leggins. You may never see this and maybe you will.. if you do and you are interested please email me. You had this natural beauty and beautiful long lashes. Would love to get to know you more. You were with a friend and she bought clothes but I don't think that you did.