Finally, I'm married!  Once the "preacher dude"...that's what I call him, said "you are now man and wife", all I thought was, so that's it?  Don't get me wrong it was great, perfect even.  I laughed, I cried, I loved, but I was waiting to start feeling different.

This Saturday will be one week married and I still feel exactly the same, but that's good, because I still love my husband just a much as I did before we got married.  OK enough of the mushy stuff, now onto those completely naked wedding night pictures I promised you....

Dude what's wrong with you?  You are sick!  I'm a happily married women, I can't do that until you at least buy me a good steak dinner and some tequila shots!  Either way, please look on as I share with you my very special wedding day, Saturday, May 19, 2012:

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Once you were married, did you feel different?  Or more importantly, did anything change?