Yes, I'm cheap.  However, when it comes to the Zombie Apocalypse, you can't mess around...then again in this economy, I can't afford a $24,000 plan B.  I'll show you my Zombie Survival Kit and it's way cheaper, but it works!

That's why it's called a multi-tool, it's more then one tool.  If it's not on there, you don't need it!

Total Cost: $58.00

You need it for everything....Don't even try to imagine a zombie Apocalypse world without Duct Tape...that's just too painful.

Total Cost: $5.00

How else are you supposed to do the double tap on the zombies?  Now this supply may be your most expensive, however, your most important!

I suggest something that you can walk with, run with, and something that works for you.  For me, I'm thinking I need something light weight, like the Traditions Vortek Ultra Light LDR .50 Caliber Muzzleloader from Sportsman's Warehouse.

Total Cost: $409.99

Water Purification & Storage

You need water!  You can shoot a squirrel with your gun, but you can't create water.  So if you survive the Zombies, which you will (as long as you buy all the crap I listed above), you don't want to die from lack of water.  So hit up Surviving In Style.  They've got everything you'd ever need for a potential zombie attack.  More specifically, they have you covered when you need drinkable water.

Total Cost: $5.99

So lets look at my total: $478.98 That's way better then $24,000!

So what would you pack in your zombie survival kit?