Yes, I'm cheap.  However, when it comes to the Zombie Apocalypse, you can't mess around...then again in this economy, I can't afford a $24,000 plan B.  I'll show you my Zombie Survival Kit and it's way cheaper, but it works!

Bear Grylls Multi-Tool

That's why it's called a multi-tool, it's more then one tool.  If it's not on there, you don't need it!

PS - KEZJ's Terry Morgan has a strange love affair with this Bear Grylls dude.

Total Cost: $58.00

Duct Tape

You need it for everything....Don't even try to imagine a zombie Apocalypse world without Duct Tape...that's just too painful.

Total Cost: $5.00

Shot Gun And LOTS Of Ammo

How else are you supposed to do the double tap on the zombies?  Now this supply may be your most expensive, however, your most important!

I suggest something that you can walk with, run with, and something that works for you.  For me, I'm thinking I need something light weight, like the Traditions Vortek Ultra Light LDR .50 Caliber Muzzleloader from Sportsman's Warehouse.

Total Cost: $409.99

Water Purification & Storage

You need water!  You can shoot a squirrel with your gun, but you can't create water.  So if you survive the Zombies, which you will (as long as you buy all the crap I listed above), you don't want to die from lack of water.  So hit up Surviving In Style.  They've got everything you'd ever need for a potential zombie attack.  More specifically, they have you covered when you need drinkable water.

Total Cost: $5.99

So lets look at my total: $478.98 That's way better then $24,000!

So what would you pack in your zombie survival kit?