KIMBERLY, Id. (KMVT / KSVT) Over the last two years, the concept of an alternate truck route has been in development, with little to no representation from the citizens in the community it would impact.

On Tuesday, the Greater Twin Falls Transportation Committee came in front of the City of Kimberly to propose three potential routes for southeast Twin Falls. As Southern Idaho continues on this uphill swing of industrial and economic growth, the infrastructure needed to support that growth also needs to grow.

On Tuesday, the committee outlined three potential routes for the city to review. But only one of those routes was actually discussed. That's the route the City of Twin Falls and the Twin Falls Highway District had already given the thumbs up to. What is being labeled as 'Route Alternative #1' will encompass a 60 mile per hour, 4 lane divided highway from Kimberly Road, east of Chobani, south on 3300 East, turns west on 3600 North and connects back up with Highway 74 south of Twin Falls.

While this might be the best alternate route for truckers, the route would also displace 18 homes and property owners. Something many in the community of Kimberly do not agree with, considering the fact that up until two weeks ago, they had no idea this was being proposed. After a brief public comment period, the Kimberly City Council voted unanimously to not support any the three routes presented. It’s not clear where the future lies with this route.