It's no secret that I enjoy looking at homes that are available around the Magic Valley. Watching a lot of HGTV will do that to a person. To amuse myself, I decided to look for the least expensive home currently available in the Magic Valley. The home I found could be a real life 'Fixer Upper' for someone.

I gotta say the decorations on those cabinets is - ahem - interesting

I've shared some super exotic estates over the past few months. Those are unattainable for most of us regular folk. That's one of the reasons why I thought finding the most affordable home on the market would be interesting.

Here's how I found this home. I did a Zillow search for the least expensive home ruling out lots, auctions and foreclosures in Twin Falls County. That left this 3-bed, 1-bath home at 522 Monroe Street in Kimberly as the cheapest with an asking price of $39,900.

It's listed as a "Fix and Flip Opportunity" and when you look at the pictures, you'll see there's a reason for that . There is some obvious work that needs to be done inside and out. And, I gotta say the decorations on those cabinets is - ahem - interesting.

Sid Lezamiz is the listing agent. Who knows. If you have mad renovation skills like Chip and Joanna Gaines on 'Fixer Upper', you could make some nice money on this property maybe.