I am a car guy. Or, I should say that I WAS a car guy before my wife neutered me. But, I can still dream. Last time I checked, that was still free. I was poking around Twin Falls Autotrader and found the least expensive car and it's actually quite awesome.

This bad boy is a 1991 Chevy Camaro RS with an asking price of only $3,700. I'll let the seller describe his wheels.

Mini-rebuild on engine and front-end around 90K miles, new tires in 2014, recent motor and relay door work, new starter, oxygen pump, and battery, recent detail and fluids changed. Dashboard in pristine condition (always covered); awesome interior, but needs work on driver's seat and shift console strip, T-top, and weather stripping. Looks good & drives great, very clean interior. Covered parking in Southern California up until 3 years ago. One owner, all records, title in hand. Needs some cosmetic love, AC conversion, tinkering, and ready for the next Camero enthusiast to take her on! Hate to give her up but time to downsize!

It's a credit to this guy that his 25-year-old wheels look this good. He's obviously put some love into this thing. 134,000 miles also isn't bad for a car that's been around for a quarter-of-a-century.

According to Autotrader, this is a Twin Falls dude, so check out the full listing if you want to up your muscle car game.