Only In Your State just named the top 10 rivers in Idaho. Couple things to note. First, you won't believe which one they named #1. Second, your jaw will drop when you see where they ranked the Snake.

I can understand that they didn't rank Snake #1. But, look at where it landed. Wow.

  1. Owyhee River
  2. Lochsa River
  3. Selway River
  4. Boise River
  5. Salmon River
  6. Big Wood River
  7. Clark Fork River
  8. Jarbidge River
  9. Coeur d’Alene River
  10. Snake River

I'm a big fan of just about all of those rivers. I especially love the Selway. But, how in the heck fire does the Snake end up at #10? If I didn't have the Snake at #1, it would at least make the top 3 or 5 at worst.

Do you agree with this list? Where would the Snake rank if you were the one ranking the rivers?