Last week I was at Winco in Twin Falls. As I left the store I noticed a little boy who was probably 2 or 3 years old walking by himself. He continued to walk across the parking lot. I approached him and asked if he knew where his mom was. He quickly realized that he didn't know where his mom was. I reassured him that his mom was in the grocery store. I convinced him to come back into the store and an employee and I were able to locate his family.

As a mother this situation scared me. It could truly happen to anyone...especially during the busy holiday season.

The Twin Falls police department posted on their Facebook page of an incident at the Magic Valley Mall yesterday regarding two individuals who were believed to be attempting to abduct children at the Magic Valley Mall.

The Twin Falls police later determined that there was no threat to children or other visitors at the mall, police say, "the incident serves as a reminder for parents to closely monitor young children at all times in public places."

Make sure you keep extra eyes on your children during this busy holiday season!