When you live in an area as beautiful as ours, it's no surprise that the most talented photographers will be drawn to here. That is definitely the case with the Magic Valley Camera Club. They have kindly shared more amazing vistas from their collections.

I have been a member of this group for several months now and it's always refreshing to see their awesome pics come up in my Facebook news feed. They have quite an eye for looking at even the more common parts of the Magic Valley like a barn or the railroad and finding the perfect angle to turn the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Special thanks to these artists for allowing us to share their creations. Cathy Nash Wilson, Diana Rackham Nielson, Jacque Lynn Rudolph, Jonathan Mills, Kade Andrews, Martin NiskaMichelle Chadd, Raedell Nixon-Lawrence, Shanda Pickett, Todd Craig and Vickie Dillard all deserve our thanks for capturing the beauty around us.