You may not know this, but Twin Falls has a lot of great local businesses. Who are we kidding - of course you know that. 

The crazy thing is that many of these businesses we drive by every day without ever stopping in to see what they are about. For me, one of those businesses is O'Dunkens in downtown Twin. When you drive by that intersection of town, you can tell that O'Dunkens is a cool place. You can eat inside or sit outside and watch the town pass by while enjoying a meal or a drink.

And there is a lot to see in downtown - parades, car shows, live bands at Twin Falls Tonight, and street fairs. Almost all of them are near, or visible from, O'Dunken's.

Check out the spicy pastrami sandwich I ate there and let us know in the comments where your favorite local restaurant is that we should check out.

Local businesses are a driving force in Twin Falls, so stop by one near you today and see what they have to offer.