Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) With kids out of school and summer officially around the corner, doctors expect to see a rise in water borne illnesses.

Throughout the summer our rivers and lakes will be full of recreational users, but the south central public health district wants people to be aware of bacteria in the water.

While swimming you should avoid getting water in your mouth and if you do, don't swallow it. When finished swimming it is best to rinse off and towel dry to avoid contracting an illness.

Tanis Maxwell, Epidemiology Program Manager for the South Central Public Health District says "Being out in nature with lakes and rivers, you have a potential for picking up more parasites or bacteria’s, or other germs that way. The natural waters there may be more potential for getting an illness than in water that is treated like in a swimming pool,”

If you do think you have become sick after swimming, remember to stay hydrated and contact your doctor.