Meet Pro-Life.  No, not the political platform, the guy.  His name is actually "Pro-Life."  The About Me section on his website says, "A Short Chronology of Pro-Life’s Life."

Pro-Life is running for Governor of Idaho.

Pro-Life is affiliated with a national party not on the Idaho ballot, the Independent American Party.

Besides being anti-abortion, he sums up another of his major platforms as follows:

3 - I will promote gold and silver coin as the only legal currency.  Federal Reserve Notes are an irredeemable, worthless, counterfeit, ponzi scheme.

He resigned from the LDS church in 1998 because the Church would not recognize person-hood status for the preborn child.

He's currently married to Kirsten Faith Bjarnson and has 15 children.  8 are from his first marriage with Jean Carol Bensen (1964-1982), and 7 are with Kirsten.

Here's an interview between Pro-Life and Politic-It: