Please don't take this wrong, Pocatello. But, my favorite thing about you isn't even technically in Pocatello. It's the awesome Scout Mountain area to the south of the city. One guy playing with a drone just (I'm guessing accidentally) got some epic video of Scout Mountain and I feel the need to share.

YouTuber hardpack101 (loving our abs, are we?) has actually scored more than one video of Scout Mountain. Checking out his channel, I found this one, too.

There's no comment on his video of what he was trying to achieve. I will give him extra points for actually filming himself and the beginning and end of the first video. Based on the altitude he gets in his shots, he's probably using a DJI Phantom of some sort, but that's just me guessing.

These videos are another reminder of the drone my wife won't be buying me for Christmas. (*sad face*)