When Miami Marlin fan Ryan Carlos Mont bought tickets to take his girlfriend to see Saturday's game at Marlin's Park in Miami, the last thing he expected sitting in Section 134, row 3, seat 10 was to catch a home run ball. Enter Miami Marlin outfielder Giancarlo Stanton.

If you're not familiar with the seating at Marlins' Park (and apparently by their attendance figures this season, few even in the Miami area are), Mont and his girlfriend were sitting almost 500 feet from home plate and approximately 50 feet above the playing field. Not exactly prime territory for catching your first major league baseball. Like Mont said, it's more likely you'll get a ball thrown to you from a player during warm ups between innings.

But Stanton, the Marlins dominating right fielder, has been on a home run tear as of late. And not just your normal homers, but tape measure shots, topped of by this 478 foot shot caught barehanded by Mont Saturday.