I’ve never been a fan of hard candies or taffy. I can do without Sour Patch and Skittles. It’s not that I dislike them, but they are things I can live without. Something else I can do without: plastic in candy bars.

Sserg Dibrova/ThinkStock

The one thing I am is a chocolate freak. That’s why I was a little unnerved when I heard that Mars Inc., the US candy manufacturing giant, is voluntarily recalling three of its candy bars in 55 countries after a piece of plastic was found in a Snickers bar in Germany.

Good for the company. Better to play it safe than sorry. But still, does that mean no more Snickers bars for a while?

Mars, Milky Way and Snickers bars as well as Celebrations products made at the company’s Netherlands factory are the targeted recall brands, the company said in a news release on its website Tuesday. The recall involves only certain products manufactured at the facility between Dec. 5, 2015 and Jan. 18, 2016.

Mars Netherlands exports to a number of countries and some duty-free outlets,” the company explained, “so the easiest way for consumers to determine whether they have a product that has been recalled is to look at the label. If it is not labeled ‘Mars Netherlands,’ it is not included in the recall.

I know I’m not the only chocolate maniac out there. My question to you is, if the recall affected south-central Idaho, which candy bar would you miss if it were not found in Idaho for a while?

I have to say, I’m already feeling a little jittery at the thought of not having any Milky Way bars around, even if only temporary.