This is one of the reasons I love the Internet. A guy in a mask shares a video calling for the people of Idaho to start a revolution. One problem? He accidentally shares his own picture while doing it.

If the person is wearing a mask, how do I know that it's a guy? First of all, the YouTube channel features his real name "justin holt". Next to his name is his profile picture. Nice.

I need to say this. Justin (or "masked man" if that's what you'd like me to refer to you as), I am sympathetic to your dislike for the current political candidates. I completely concur that the current system is messed up. I'm gonna pass on the invitation to join your commune in the mountains though.

You say in your video that your next post will be November 5. Here's some quick advice for that next share. When you do it, create a channel that doesn't have your real name and real picture on it. That will make it a little more mysterious. I'm just trying to help.

Another thing. At the 1:20 mark in your video, you mentioned that conventional and non-conventional warfare will be taught in your mountain commune. I'm guessing the Department of Homeland Security might not appreciate that.

Oh, and looking at your subscriptions, it looks like there might be a foot fetish thing going on. Yikes.

Again, I'm not trying to make fun of your masked anger. But, that mask thing only works when your real info isn't right next to it.

Now, where's my "You mad, bro?" t-shirt?