Your eyes do not deceive you. According a new report, Microsoft might be readying a major bid for the makers of Minecraft.

According to the Wall Street Journal (via Polygon), sources close to the matter revealed the talks to deep in progress, and a deal could even reach its conclusion before week's end. If the buyout goes down, Microsoft is said to be paying upwards of $2 billion for Mojang, which has made its name mostly on the back of PC (then Xbox and PlayStation) worldbuilder, Minecraft.

At last check, Minecraft's combined sales exceeded 54 million copies, including the console and mobile versions. Most recently, Minecraft arrived on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Mojang is also still developing its tactical RPG Scrolls, but that game hasn't seen an official full release just yet.

We'll be paying close attention to further developments, but after the recent Google, Amazon, Twitch reports, until finalized announcements are made, we'll try not to get to concerned over the fate of the developer just yet.