Comcept has revealed that if it reaches a certain amount of funding by the end of 2014, it will be able to add Beck's nemesis "Ray" as an extra boss in Mighty No. 9.

The news of the extra downloadable content comes by way of an update to the Kickstarter page, and lets us know that if the funding amount from slacker backers hits $190k by the end of 2014, all backers will receive a bonus DLC code for an extra level where they'll face off against Ray, Beck's rival.


As you can see, he's got a very bat-like appearance with a badass, battle-damaged cloak for good measure. We think it's scientifically proven somewhere that having a cloak makes you 100% more badass.

Check the link above to read up some more about the update and to get yourself hyped up for some slacker backers to do their part.

Because in no way at all does Mighty No. 9 remind you of Mega Man. Nope. No sirree.