Before Internet, video games and cable TV there was something known as model railroading.  When I was a boy, it was requisite you had a set in your house.  Dad got us started.  He had big and heavy metal train cars and engines.  By the time I was a teenager, plastic had become the rage (Dad thought it anathema).

Courtesy, Bill Colley.

Today, people are still fascinated by model trains and the intricate towns that people build around the tracks.  You can see the detailed craftsmanship at the Twin Falls County Fair.

An entire building and now some outside space is dedicated to model railroading.

Each year, I pay a visit and talk with club members.  This year, I’m told there are only a handful of enthusiasts still involved with the hobby.  They could use some volunteers during the fair and they could use some new members!  Membership forms are available inside the model railroading building.

When you walk inside you realize you’re entering a museum.  This is Twin Falls history, Idaho history and American history.  Can you step up to the plate and help preserve this crucial piece of our community?  Drop by the exhibit and pick up a form.