Every time I think that our friends at Mondo might be taking a break from putting out art that I want to cover my walls with so that I can never not be looking at something awesome, they go and prove me wrong. This time, they're following up their series of amazing Batman-related art by heading back across the street to the House of Ideas for two new Marvel posters, featuring Ghost Rider and Storm.

Sure, that's an odd couple -- and rest assured that I would pay good money for a sitcom-style series where a mutant weather goddess and a biker possessed by a vengeance-crazed demon from Hell had to share an apartment in the big city, if only for the episode where they divided the living room down the middle with a combination of lightning and hellfire -- but the results are fantastic.

First up is Ghost Rider from the artists at Methane Studios, which comes in two flavors: Minty blue, limited to 240 copies...



And Hellfire Red, limited to 115 copies:



And Storm, rocking her awesome mohawk by Neal Russler, limited to 225 copies:



Both posters clock in at 18" by 24" with a price of $40 each, and will go on sale at Mondo's poster section tomorrow. You'll have to follow Mondo on Twitter to learn exactly when.