We never claimed to be normal in Idaho and that includes our laws. I would bet that there are some laws still in effect that you are breaking right now. Here are just a few that you may be jailed for at some point.

It is illegal to not smile in public

According to Stupid Laws, this one originated in Pocatello (shocker) during a rather brutal winter back in the 1940's.

You break the law if you don't wear underwear in public

If this were enforced, half of the shoppers in the Twin Falls Wal-Mart would be arrested right now.

Bicycles are not allowed on tennis courts

This law needs to be overturned. Nobody I know in Twin Falls plays tennis, but we have courts and bikes. Let's ride.

You may not lead an animal on a sidewalk in Boise

Here's an amazing side note on this one. You can't walk a dog on a sidewalk in Boise, but you're allowed to hold the hand of a very hairy BSU boyfriend if you're a female banker.

Don't sleep in a dog kennel unless you are a dog

This one's in effect in Wallace. They filmed most of Dante's Peak there. So, if Pierce Brosnan slept in a dog kennel during filming, he's busted.

It's illegal to ride a merry-go-round on Sunday

The law says nothing about acting like you're a cowboy and taking selfies while sitting on the back of the metal horse statue in Twin Falls. Just an idea.