If you do a search for property that is available near Buhl on Zillow, you will find some really nice homes. But, there is one that has two distinctions. First, it is currently the most expensive listed on Zillow around Buhl. Second, it has a pool that will drop your jaw.

This 6-bed, 4 1/2 bath home is located at 4799A River Road in Buhl. I'm pretty sure this is the first home that I've looked at that actually has paddle boats. That should count for something.

I would guess that more people would be interested in the fact that this home has a jetted tub, huge outside recreation area and beautiful yard.

But, the showstopper for me is the pool. Not only does it have amazing skylights directly above the pool, but also includes a swordfish on the wall. I bet that swordfish would give its back fin to be in that pool. I know I would.

The listing agent is Carolyn Cutler. If you want a walk-through, you should probably know that the asking price is just a sliver south of $2 million. That's about 6 more zeroes than my bank would approve for a home loan, so I'll leave this one to you.