For some reason, today is national kissing day.  I'm not saying I'm against it, but I don't understand this need to have special days.  Then again I'm boring.  Either way, I can't help but recall my first kiss.  And as horrible as it was, I just can't block it.

I remember it very clearly:

I was a Junior in high school and I was almost seventeen years-old.  I know, I'm a late bloomer.

It was at the end of the day and I'd been dreading this whole kissing thing all day.  I was dating this guy, Jeremy Rowe.  He was really cute, he was a total A-hole, and he was way shorter then I.  (Low self-esteem people...I'm better now.)

So it was time, the kiss had to happen.  I just wanted to get the damn thing over with.  So we hugged, I closed my eyes and crouched down for my first kiss (like I said, he was way shorter then I was.)

It was pretty weird.  He tasted like something that was smoke-able and illegal and it was messy, wet, and I could totally hear other people commenting in the background.  (Hey, it was high school.  Teenagers are dumb, but they can't help it.)

Luckily, that's over.  Fast forward to first kiss as a married couple with my husband was great, but it was in front of a lot of people and I'm not really into PDA, unless I'm wasted, which I wasn't at my wedding, thank you!  Exhibit A:

What I'm saying is, first kisses just suck.  However, that's just my opinion.

Do you remember your first kiss?  Where was it?  Was it good?  Do you ever see your first kiss?  Do you act like you know them? LOL

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