My mom passed away yesterday afternoon. Please forgive me if this is awkward, cause I sure don't want it to be. I don't share it for sympathy. And, I rarely write any heavy stuff here on The Snake. Normally, I share strange animal pictures and such. Today is different.

I tend to write about just about everything that happens in my life and I decided that my mom's battle with cancer should be no exception. My mom had cancer in just about every place imaginable. Cancer sucks.

After my mom passed, I was inspired to share some Holliday family pictures. This may sound silly, but I hope you understand when you listen to The Snake that we're real people who have real life struggles and life events just like you do. I may sound like a fictional character - on a good day - but, my family and I live here in Twin Falls just like many of you do.

Thank you for making us feel so at home in the Magic Valley. It has made dealing with the end of my mom's life so much easier to cope with.