This just might be the saddest map ever. It shows the percentage of Idahoans that are divorced in each county.

The map is interactive, if you go to the original website. It comes courtesy of a website called Overflow Data. You can select the little dots which represent each county. It will give you the population of the county, number of divorced people over age 15 and what that equates to for percentage of population that's divorced.

Overflow Data

Yes, this just might be the most depressing map in history. But, it's not all bad news. If you compare southern Idaho to the rest of the country, we look way better than other areas. Yes, talking about you big ball of divorcees in Los Angeles.

Overflow Data

Seattle doesn't appear all that loving either, no matter what that old Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movie would lead you to believe.

Check out the full map and data to see where not to move, if you want to remain married.