The new Safest States in America list has just been released. Wanna take a wild guess where Idaho ranks? Do you need a hug first?

Hurrah for us not killing each other - much

24/7 Wall Street released the info and it's great news for the Gem State. According to them, Idaho is #5 among the safest states in the country. Hurrah for us being awesome.

How did they determine our great ability to be safe in Idaho? The criteria included number of violent crimes per every 100,000 people, our population, most recent murder rate from the FBI and our poverty rate.

Idaho's poverty rate is alarmingly high, but still landed us at 20th in the country in that metric. The murder rate is relatively low, though. Hurrah for us not killing each other - much.

What state is number 1? The cream puffs in Vermont. We should go all Chuck Norris on them to teach them a lesson. I meant to say, congrats to them on this great honor.