You're in Twin Falls and you're looking for love. What do you do? If you're not easily scared, you go to Twin Falls Craigslist Missed Connections. Here are some of our favorites from the past few weeks.

I knew I loved you when I asked how to pronounce your name

Sexy tattooed cashier who makes eye contact with me every time I stop in. Today you looked at the tattoos on my hands & I asked how you pronounce your name. You are gorgeous & how I would love to see all of your tattoos.

We're guessing this cougar isn't a cat

We hooked up through CL. You placed a cougar ad. Had a great time . Lost all your info, but would love to hook up again . I don't live in twin.

Hey, the bald guy with the hot chocolate in the drive-thru would like your number

I was there at around 10 a.m. today, Friday the 4th. I ordered an Annihilator, golden eagle and hot chocolate.... you were at the drive thru... I was dumbfounded by your beauty and didn't ask for your number. I'd love to go on a date with you if you're not taken already. I have a shaved head. Tell me what I was driving, so I know it's you.

I like to pretend to stare at thin people

I'm wondering if you are one of the people where I go to places all the time and I see these nice slim women and we make eye contact and I just want to sit down and have a drink with you and look at your nice thin body but I never say anything. I will be in TF doing nothing on Wednesday night and surely someone would want to meet for a discreet drink anywhere you want and anything you want which I will pay for just to look at you and try to make you laugh. I am mid-40's professional, nice looking, well groomed and just looking for an interesting person with a nice thin body so I can pretend I'm with you for a while. What do you think? Maybe this sounds weird but this IS Craigslist and I am actually very normal, just looking for some fun in little bits.

Does having a red Dodge make us soul mates?

It was 245 am on 100 north in Rupert. You were in a red dodge, driving. I was in the passenger seat of a red dodge. You looked hot. You smiled at me I think you liked what you saw. If so, you can host? Hit me up blondie. We may be made for each other. Soul mates?

Have you ever found love through Missed Connections on Twin Falls Craigslist? If so, please share your special story.