Before you read the rest of this article you have to watch the video or your brain may explode. Actually, if you watch the video your brain may explode too. There's no escape now that you've started.

I've seen my share of weird videos on YouTube from the PPAP song to He-Man and his crew singing What's Up. If you spend any amount of time on YouTube watching the 'up next' recommended videos it will take you to the weird part of YouTube every time. That's not a good place to end up.

The problem with the weird video above is that it isn't supposed to be weird. It is supposed to be informative and teach us how to properly pronounce Idaho. According to them it is 'Ickle' like the end of the word tickle?

I have to imagine that since the video is new and their other videos are correct pronunciations of the words, that they just accidentally uploaded the wrong video. At least I hope that is the case and they don't really believe we live in the state Ickle.

If that is the case then there's a good chance the video will be deleted soon. If that happens you still have this helpful playlist of how to pronounce Idaho cities.