Let me break it down for you:

  • Marriage: when a couple in love makes a sacred vow to love, honor, and cherish each other for the rest of their lives.
  • The Wedding reception: A celebration of the event with friends and family.

But when the loving couple tries to shoplift over $1,000 worth of merchandise for the reception, the marriage is probably not getting off on the right foot.

32 yr old Aurthur Phillips III and 22 yr old Brittany Lurch are behind bars  after being arrested for allegedly shoplifting at a Wegman’s Supermarket in Pennsylvania.

The couple entered into holy matrimony last Thursday, with a reception scheduled for the following Saturday.   The reception was scheduled for 5:30pm, but at around 2:30, police were called to the grocery store on a shoplifting call.  Authorities say store security cameras recorded the couple putting items into a shopping cart, and rolling it out to their car without paying.   Both of the newlyweds waived their right to a preliminary hearing this week.

Ah, wedded bliss with a jailhouse honeymoon. Oh wait…they’re probably not in the same cell.  Here's their wedding pictures...I mean mugshots:

What’s really funny? Check out this comment posted from a reader of the story, where it appeared at centredaily.com from user BeerDrinkin_BanjoPlayer:

(Sing this to the Beverly Hillbillies theme song)Just sittin in the trailerhood, thinkin what to dooooo….
Lets go out an’ steal some food to make our weddin stewwwwww……
You grab the meat n I’ll grab the chips……
Don’t forget the pepsi and the multi-flavored dips……..
(Trailer parks…..weddin’ gowns……y’all come back now, hear?)

Now what's strange?  This story is out of Pennsylvania and NOT Florida. Hmmmm

By Chris Kai