You're gonna think this is crazy and you're probably correct. But, there is a way for you to know what the weather is going to be like here in Idaho 10 years in advance. Oh, and July 2, 2026 is gonna be a bear.

There's a new website that is built around an app called Dark Sky. The app has been available for some time for both Android and iOS devices. Now, they have a website where you can enter your specific location and it will give you real-time weather information.

It gets interesting when you notice that near the bottom of the screen, you can change the date and get the forecast for up to 10 years ahead of time by clicking "time machine".

It will give you everything from the chance for precipitation to wind speed for that day way off in the future. How is this possible? From what I understand (which is not much), Dark Sky is using averages for that day in history and predicting what that future day is likely to be like.

Would I hang my hat on the fact that it's supposed to rain on April 1, 2019? Nope. But, it's a fun way to see how windy it's supposed to be in the month of May 2020.