My life is complete. I have a great job, a wonderful family, and now my house can smell like fried chicken all the time.

Really though - if this candle actually smells as good as it should, I will buy a case of them right now. Heck, I'd have one burning in the bathroom all the time. Some people are calling this a weird stunt by KFC for publicity (which it is), and those in charge of their publicity deserve a nice pat on the back.

There have been all sorts of gimmicks done by companies. Earlier this year, KFC had their Extra Crispy Sunscreen. Burger King had a flame broiled beef cologne called Fire. I've even got a (disgusting) tube of bacon flavored Chap Stick.

Would you like to have your house smell like fried chicken all the time? Arguably that is a better smell than my house the majority of the time anyways :/