The history in Twin Falls is so rich and deep, you could spend months exploring it all. If you don't have months to spare, here's a real quick way to get a glimpse back at what Twin Falls used to be.

I have found some amazing historic Twin Falls postcards on Ebay. Some are turn of the 20th century era pictures of this area like you've never seen it before. Here are a few of my favorites.

Early 1900's view of Twin Falls from Bickel School

One of the things I love about this card is what is written on the back. "This is not the nice part of town".

1907 view of Main Street in Twin Falls

If you like horses, you'll love this one. Wonder how those horses would feel about Blue Lakes and Pole Line today?

1940's era Twin Falls Swimming Pool Scene

The back of this one says "Twin Falls Municipal Swimming Pool is maintained for its citizens and offers wonderful relaxation for young and old". You can practically hear the old 1940's newsreel music that used to play in the theater behind phrases like that.

1950's postcard showing Main Avenue in Twin Falls

Love the cars in this one. Prominently featured on the right is the Rogerson Hotel and you can also see the old coffee shop there, too. On the back of the card, Twin Falls is described as an agricultural community with a booming population of almost 20,000. A few more people here now.

1920's view of Balanced Rock in Castleford

This one is postmarked 1927 and shows Balanced Rock before it had the cement applied to repair the bottom.

Thousand Springs as seen in 1910

Think Thousand Springs is awesome now? Check out all the water from back in 1910. Wow.