According to one website, there is a city in the Magic Valley you don't want to be out at night in. Do you dare guess which of our own has received this unwanted honor?

According to Only In Your State, you're dancing with danger if you go out at night in Twin Falls. On their list, we're the #2 most dangerous city in Idaho to be out at night in. Nice. What's the reason? Answer: meth.

For the last decade or so, Twin Falls has ranked at the top of the state specifically for illegal methamphetamine usage. There's no identifiable reason as of yet, but a quick Google search will pull up a rap sheet of recent busts that goes on for pages, acknowledging the trend, which often translates directly into crime.

I took them up on their offer and made the mistake of Googling "Twin Falls, Idaho meth". The results were not encouraging.

Not being a drug addict, I don't hang out with meth heads. So, things like this tend to come as a shock to me.

If you're a "glass half full" sort of person, the good news is there really isn't much of a nightlife in Twin Falls anyway. So, there's that.