It's no secret that Idaho people are very generous people. One of our Magic Valley counties has been named among the most giving in the state. Wild guess what county it is?

Give yourself a cookie if you said Cassia County. Only In Your State ranked them at #5 in Idaho when it comes to being charitable.

They pulled their data from which showed Cassia had these numbers for donations.

  • Giving Ratio: 7.37% - Total contributions: $15,860,000

This may be the wrong attitude considering this is charity we're talking about, but I'm quite proud of Idaho overall. Compared to the other losers - er, I mean states - that are nearby, Idaho has a higher giving ratio (4.20%) compared to all of the Pacific Northwest except for Utah. And, we all know Utah only has a charity ratio of 6.61% because they like to show off. Kidding, sorta.

Thank you for this very encouraging data for all the bighearted people in Idaho.