How do I say this? Well, let's just get it out there. One Magic Valley town has just been declared the "Gayest Place in Idaho"...not that there's anything wrong with that.

Yes, our buddies at Roadsnacks have struck again. They have named the top 10 "Gayest" places in Idaho and #1 is none other than Burley.

How did Burley get the nod? Here's how Roadsnacks explained their criteria:

In order to rank the gayest cities in Idaho, we used the 2009-2014 American Community Survey from the U.S. Census. We looked at:

Percentage of all households that are unmarried, same sex partners

And, the numbers that won Burley this great honor are...

Households: 3,564
Gay Households: 38
% Gay Households: 1.07%

I'm at a loss about what to add to this. I would love to change the subject right now. How about one of my favorite skits from SNL?