I thought we were pretty good at adventures in Idaho, but according to a new list, we need to road trip to one of our neighboring towns in Utah for a real good time. MSN just issued a brand new "Go List" for travel and we aren't on it. But, we don't have to drive far for real "adventure" according to them.

Congrats to Park City, Utah. You are the best "Adventure Town" according to MSN. Why Park City? Here are their reasons:

  • Mountain biking along the Mid Mountain Trail of aspen groves at 8,000 feet
  • Tracking moose along the Lambs Canyon Loop of spruce and wildflowers
  • Bobsledding or extreme summer tubing at the 389-acre Utah Olympic Park

Hey, MSN. You forgot about the awesome Alpine Coaster.

I can't argue with Park City making this list. However, I have to guess that whoever made this decision did not factor in the ease of parking - or lack thereof.