There are some things that can only happen in Idaho. I'll give you a recent example. In Idaho, we are messing with the sex lives of fish.

I read this first at It's a report that it's an Idaho Fish and Game effort to curb unwanted fish populations. Here's part of their story:

Idaho's fishery researchers are experimenting with a sex-altering hormone to curb unwanted populations of brook trout and have stocked four streams with monosex trout that can produce only male offspring.

My 2nd grade brain is trying to process this. So, it's a good thing if we only have guy trout?  This is going to be hard to explain to my kids the next time "Finding Nemo" comes on.

So far, here's my take on this. According to Idaho Fish and Game, here are the facts.

Boy fish = good

Girl fish = bad

Like I said, this could only happen in Idaho.