In a recent survey by Guns and Ammo, Idaho has been listed as a less gun-friendly state than Oregon.

If you’ve lived in Idaho for any length of time, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Idaho is a gun friendly state.  Whether it be for hunting or protection, our culture embraces the responsible use of firearms and our 2nd Amendment rights.

It really surprised me when this study by Guns and Ammo listed Oregon as a slightly more gun friendly state than Idaho.  I realize that Oregon has plenty of folks in the central and east portions of the state who would agree with Idaho’s stance on firearms. Heck, some of them even wanted to join Idaho and create a new super-state.  But I would think the greater population centers like Portland would have greater influence on state policy.  Apparently not.

Overall, Idaho ranked #32 as the most gun friendly state, beating out states like New York, California and D.C. No surprises there.