TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – If you’ve considered BASE jumping but haven’t gotten up the nerve to take the leap, you can now experience it virtually.

Idaho Tourism has teamed with Boise-based 360 Immersive LLC to create a number of virtual outdoor experiences for viewers. Several of the experiences are of Magic Valley activities, including BASE jumping off the Perrine Bridge.

“We’re excited to be a part of this emerging technology, to give people who’ve never done these activities the opportunity to feel what it is like, and to let the world know that Idaho is an exciting place to visit,” Idaho Tourism Manager Diane Norton said in a prepared statement.

She said to her knowledge Idaho is one of only three state tourism offices in the country to use virtual reality in its marketing efforts.

The first videos in the series include, among other activities, paddle boarding, zip lining and BASE jumping in Magic Valley’s Snake River Canyon; family rafting trips on the Payette River; and activities in the Boise area that include biking the green belt, boating at Lucky Peak and floating the Boise River.

The first set of videos is of warm weather activities, but after analyzing the initial launch on social media Idaho Tourism will consider expanding the series to include seasonal activities and activities in other regions of the state.

“We created these VR experiences to allow people to take control and see for themselves what makes Idaho a great place to visit,” said 360 Immersive CEO Jennifer Lastra. “VR is a new medium of storytelling that will transform human experiences, along with numerous industries in the tourism, consumer goods, and health care sectors.”