Spending years slaving over something and then giving it away by the millions seems like a pretty generous act, if you ask us -- but Ozzy Osbourne seems to disagree, having recently taken issue U2's decision to offer its new 'Songs of Innocence' LP free to all iTunes users.

Echoing comments made by his wife Sharon, Ozzy unloaded on U2 during an interview with the Shortlist, arguing, "I think it's good in one way, and bad in another. People got so pissed off with it, it was terrific. Trying to find out how to delete it off their f---ing phones, or whatever. But U2 can afford to put an album out for free, whereas other bands can't, so it makes it difficult for up-and-coming bands. It's f---ing selfish, really."

It's kind of a logical leap going from "successful" to "selfish," but the bottom line here is that Ozzy simply doesn't care for this particular brand of stunt marketing.

"They just got a zillion f---ing sales from Apple, I suppose. Not everyone is U2, not everyone can get a f---ing deal with Apple," he sneered. "There are a thousand bands out there today that aren't going to get heard by f---ing anybody because they can't afford to do it."

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