TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – Gas prices have increased more than 20 cents over the past month in Idaho, and on Wednesday was 10 cents more than the national average.

The average price for regular unleaded gasoline in Idaho was $2.32 per gallon, according to AAA Idaho. Twin Falls, at $2.24, was closer to the national average of $2.22.

It’s not uncommon to see prices increase this time of year, said region spokesman Dave Carlson. Prices are expected to continue moving up over the next few months, but likely will not top what they were last year. Last year on this date, the national average for regular unleaded was $2.62 per gallon.

“A couple of things are driving the higher prices,” Carlson said. “With warmer weather there’s increased demand as more people get on the road; more people are driving farther. And as oil prices are bolstered by increased demand and other improvements in the industry, that’s going to push up the prices.”

Consumers have gotten spoiled with the lower prices, once saying that $3.30 was too high to pay for a gallon of gas. Now, according to a new survey by AAA, they are saying that $2.30 is too high.

According to the Daily Fuel Gauge Report on Wednesday, gas prices were at their highest levels in more than six months; and the national average had remained above $2 a gallon for 40 consecutive days.

“Gas prices may hit a high point this summer, which could be anywhere from 10 cents more than what it is now to 20 or 30 cents more,” Carlson said, “but still be below what they were last year.”