TWIN FALLS, Id ( KMVT- TV / KSVT- TV ) A pilot walks away from a plane crash Wednesday evening with no injuries. According to first responders, the pilot crashed into a corn field just about a mile off Addison Avenue on 2700 East.

It's believed the pilot may have experienced mechanical problems. Fortunately the victim was able to make a soft landing into the field. We're told that area residents played a big part in helping first responders locate the plane.

Ron Aguirre with the Twin Falls Fire Department was the Battalion Chief on the scene. He said, "They were actually pretty beneficial. They saw the plane go down and they were able to mark it for us. Fortunately enough, we were able to see it, but with the spotters out here, they were able to take us right to the crash and we were able to make contact with the pilot."

Aguirre says the plane will remain in the field because the F.A.A. will be involved in the investigation. The crash did not cause a fire. Filer P.D., Twin Falls Police, Magic Valley Paramedics and the Twin Falls Fire Department were all on scene.