TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – Twin Falls police are seeking the public’s help as they continue to investigate the killing of Vason Widaman, who was shot in the west part of the city Saturday afternoon while riding his bicycle.

In a press briefing that lasted not more than five minutes Monday afternoon, Police Chief Craig Kingsbury expressed condolences to the Widaman family before saying that the department is employing all available resources to bring the assailants to justice. The department, he said, has received “numerous tips and leads.”

Chief Kingsbury holds up a portrait of 16-year-old Vason Widaman, as City Manager Travis Rothweiler looks on at a press briefing on Monday. Widaman was shot and killed Saturday in Twin Falls.

The investigation so far lead police to believe that the shooting was not a random act of violence, Kingsbury said, but likely was rather the result of “a disagreement between the victim and the assailants.”

Widaman was believed to have been “in the area of Canyon Ridge High School where several events were being held,” he said. “Someone at these events may have seen something.”

Widaman was wearing a black t-shirt and shorts, Kingsbury said, and a dark-colored vehicle was seen leaving the area at the time of the shooting. The police chief said members of the community should report if they saw either a boy fitting the description above, who he may have been seen with, or a dark-colored vehicle near him Saturday afternoon.

“Did you see anything out of the ordinary that might be the key to solving this case?” Kingsbury said, directing his comments to the public for its help.

The shooting was one of two gun crimes that were committed within a day of each other in the community. The first happened on Friday when a 14-year-old student at Robert Stuart Middle School brought a handgun to school, which discharged while in a classroom. Luckily, the bullet hit the leg of a desk and no one was harmed in that incident.

A portrait of Vason Widaman sits on the podium in the Twin Falls Council Chambers after the press briefing on Monday.

The student, however, faces four criminal charges including unlawful possession of a firearm; altering the serial number of a firearm; possessing a firearm on school property; and unlawful discharge of a firearm.

Kingsbury said his department is increasing police surveillance at area schools in light of the recent crimes.

If you have any information about Widaman’s whereabouts on Saturday or who he may have been with, or other information that could help the investigation, contact the Twin Falls Police Department at 735-4357 or Crime Stoppers at 732-5387.