WORLEY, Idaho (AP) — Law enforcement officials in northern Idaho say they're turning the search for a person who tossed two puppies out of a truck over to authorities in Washington state.

Kootenai County Sheriff's spokesman Gary Schultz says investigators have learned the puppies were thrown from the truck on the Washington side of the state line near Worley, Idaho. A witness saw the pillowcase being thrown from a vehicle on Saturday. Officers say the witness saw the pillowcase moving and found two tick-covered puppies inside, one with a broken leg.

Animal control officers say the puppies are about 3 months old, and one is male and the other female. The puppies are being treated for ticks, possible ringworm and have been vaccinated. The puppy with the broken leg is receiving treatment for that. It's not yet known if the puppies will be put up for adoption. Officials say the puppies appear to be a mixed breed that includes shepherd.