Remember what the Magic Valley was like back in 1963? Me neither. That's why I was super interested when I came across this rare vacation guide on Etsy.

The listing indicates it has over 40 pages. There are only 5 pictured, but what they show is compelling. The cover features a wagon wheel. You always know your vacation guide is going to be fun when there's a wagon wheel on it.

Other highlights include Albertson's back in 1963, a picture from the first day of the fair in Jerome, Kings Drive-In and William's Shoe Store. Oh, and Miss Rodeo America, Karen Lavens from Jerome, gets her photo included, too.

If you're into square dancing groups, there's a huge list included in this guide. Oh, 1963, how we miss you.

You can view the full listing for yourself, and maybe pick it up if you have $18 to spare.