It was a scorcher today in Twin Falls. The sun was high, the temperature was over 100 degrees, and we wanted to make a watermelon explode by wrapping it with rubber bands. We failed.

It turns out that the whole 'exploding watermelon experiment' takes a really long time and fingers that can handle being hit dozens of times by broken rubber bands. After about a half and hour in the sun and only adding about 100 rubber bands we decided this was not a good use of time and we would now rather eat the watermelon.

This being Idaho though, we realized that since we already had a rubber band wrapped watermelon that we had to at least try to shoot it with something. Guns were out of the question since this is in my backyard in the city. The next best option was the kids' bows and arrows. Check out the video above to see how our exploding watermelon challenge went.

BONUS VIDEO - Here's the original video from Buzzfeed that inspired us to try this waste of time.