I had never heard the story of Dale Graham. Dale reportedly had a Bigfoot sighting nearly Burley over 8 years ago. A video has surfaced on YouTube with Dale telling the story of what he saw.

I will admit that I don't normally take Bigfoot sightings very serious. It's especially hard to give this stuff consideration thanks to all of the videos that are purposely faked like the one we revealed a couple weeks ago.

But, Dale seems like a stand-up fellow. It would be interesting to talk to him now and see if he's had any new encounters or to see how he feels about this experience eight years later.

In the video, he mentions several specifics of what happened including the strange, unique smell. Some of the details he brought up seem to be weird facts for someone to make up, such as his tools being moved.

Do you remember Dale's story? If not, check out the video and see what you think.