When people think of Twin Falls, the Perrine Bridge is the one visual thing that is tied to our city. It's easy to forget that 40 years ago, there was another bridge that came before it. Do you remember the Twin Falls-Jerome bridge?

The Highest Bridges website has a good history on how it was built and how it was eventually replaced. Do you realize that when it was built way back in 1927, it was the third highest bridge in the world? And, according to Bridge Hunter, it was built by R.M Murray and the Union Bridge Company.

Base jumpers might also appreciate the fact that the According to Highest Bridges, Perrine is 10 feet higher than the older Twin Falls-Jerome bridge. You never know when you might need that extra height.

If you're in the mood to go retro, the Library of Congress has an amazing collection of pictures of the Twin Falls-Jerome bridge when it was being constructed.

We wouldn't trade the Perrine Bridge for anything. But, it's good to remember that there was a bridge that had its own equally special history prior.